What am I trying to achieve with my paintings? by Gill Bustamante

A fellow artist recently requested that I give a concise explanation as to what inspires my paintings and so here it is. 

1. I like to create the idea of space. I feel there is so much more to life than houses, cars, hairstyles, diets, body image, and all the other material or bodily oriented stuff people entertain themselves with. One of the easiest ways to go beyond the mundane is go and look for more in landscapes.

Almost everyone feels better after a walk in a park or the countryside. This is because you get to look over longer distances and that helps you feel you have more space for yourself mentally.

Space is important. Big skies, the sea, hills and fields are the easiest way to get space.

Modern life compresses people and makes them feel smaller. The distance between you and a phone or computer or TV screen does not have much space in it and this does have an effect when you consider how many hours a day people are staring at rectangles that are only a few inches or feet away.

Looking at things from a distance makes people feel bigger and better. There is usually an idea of space in my paintings. I am trying to give a little bit of therapy just by creating the illusion of space. Every time you see a painting you like, it gives you a chance to escape into another universe. Even if only for a few seconds. This is why I became a painter and why I love to look at others peoples paintings as well as making my own.

2. I find life forms infinitely interesting and mysterious. Nature is always putting on some kind of a performance, no matter what time of year it is. The sights, colours, scents, sounds and textures you experience on a walk are always interesting. Nature dances to its own tune and I love to observe this throughout the seasons and translate what I see onto canvas.

In short, I want to create space and give the idea of space to others and I want to communicate the magic that is in nature and the possibilities within and beyond it.

And I know you obviously see it too if you are still reading this at all! (Thank you). Gill

Pictures shown below are a selection of the photos I have taken from around Sussex while out walking...