Sussex Landscape Videos and Photos by Gill Bustamante

Anyone familiar with the landscapes I paint will know that though they are not traditional as such, the landscapes do nevertheless often catch an essence of real places. The reason for this is that I have long since passed my 'traditional painting' phase and have now reached my 'playing around to see what happens' phase.

My main painting technique involves walking and visiting somewhere and then trying to capture an echo of it once back home. I do this largely from memory as this edits out the unimportant things, such as the colour of a barn or exact height of a tree and emphasizes more the aesthetics of a place.

I can’t improve on nature so I don’t try to. Instead I tweak it here and there to make some new potentials from it. At least that is the aim. Above are links to three short videos I made this summer (2019) that will give a bit of background to where I go, what I am seeing and what I try to paint as a result.

The photos below are respectively: 1. South Downs near Glynde, 2. Near Washington, South Downs, 3. Near Cooksbridge, 4. East Grinstead near Bluebell railway, 5. Seaford