How to Draw by Gill Bustamante – Videos 1 and 2

Hello! I made these two videos during Corona-virus lock down in March 2020 as, like everyone else, I am stuck at home and looking for things to prevent me going nuts.

Drawing is a fantastic therapy and I thought we could all use some. I have literally had hundreds of people over the years tell me how they would like to draw. If you are one of these, and if you meant it, these short videos will give you a starting point and the rest is down to simply practicing.

A hundred years ago, most people drew quite routinely and did it very well. This skill has been lost due to advent of photography but is not difficult to revive. Drawing is simply learning how to LOOK at things and capture an essence of them on paper.

These videos are very basic but I do manage to explain quite well how to approach it. My challenge to you, should you choose to accept it, is to watch the videos and then draw some simple items. It can be anything. I would love to hear how you get on and will happily answer any questions. I would also love to see any sketches you do if you want to email them to me:

Stay well, Gill XX